Nearby Attractions

Laklouk Ski Resort, Lebanon

Laklouk Ski Resort, Laklouk

1 km

Laklouk had its first ski lift installed in 1958, followed by major enhancements to the slopes and the creation of a very qualified ski school. Unlike other resorts, the area surrounding the slopes is nearly free of buildings and construction.

Laklouk Lakes, Lebanon

Laklouk Lakes, Laklouk

2 km

Laklouk Lakes are something you don't want to miss when visiting Laklouk. The view from the top is outstanding and the scenery in general is worth taking a thousand pictures of. 

Baatara Waterfall, Lebanon

Baatara Waterfall, Laklouk

5 km

“Baatara Waterfall” or “Balou3 Bal3a” is a 250 meters deep natural sink whole that has been carved by water 160 million years ago. Visiting this place is a must. It is a considered a big attraction for hikers, professional photographers and tourists.

Afqa Grotto, Lebanon

Afqa Grotto, Laklouk

8 km

The impressive Afqa Grotto - located in a large cliff 200 meters up - is the source and spring of Nahr Ibrahim and spits huge amounts of water, which is most impressive in winter. In Greek mythology, the site marks where Adonis, the legendary demi-god of beauty and desire, is believed to have died at the foot of the falls.